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Usagi Drop

By Khadija Khan
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Dealing with themes of family, belonging, love and self-discovery, Usagi Drop is able to immediately capture the hearts of viewers. Our protagonist is 30-year-old Daikichi Kawachi, a simple single office worker who attends his grandfather’s funeral and meets a mysterious young girl Rin. It turns out that the 6-year-old Rin is his grandfather’s illegitimate child, whose existence is ignored by all the funeral goers except Daikichi.

As the funeral comes to a close, the topic of who should be Rin’s guardian comes up, and due to the circumstances of her birth her relatives are reluctant to take her in. Daikichi, feeling sorry for the young girl’s situation especially as the events surrounding her birth are no fault of her own, impulsively proclaims that he will take responsibility for 6-year-old Rin. It is with rash decision that our story begins, and we are taken along for the ride of this heartwarming journey of how these two form their unconventional family.

Daikichi becomes intimately aware of the challenges of single parenthood as he begins taking care of Rin; getting 3 nutritional meals a day on the table for her, arranging a day care for her while he works, and setting her up for school. However, alongside these trials and tribulations he also is able to find joy in his interactions with Rin and satisfaction in taking good care of her. Despite societal judgements about his unconventional decision Daikichi wholeheartedly dedicates himself to being the best parent he can be for Rin.

The anime beautifully portrays the emotional growth of both Daikichi and Rin as they face various experiences together. It showcases the significance of familial bonds and demonstrates how love, care, and understanding can create a strong foundation for a family, even when it isn't bound by blood. "Usagi Drop" delivers a touching narrative that resonates with viewers of all ages. Its gentle pacing and realistic portrayal of everyday life make it a heartwarming and relatable story. It reminds us of the importance of cherishing and supporting our loved ones, regardless of the circumstances surrounding their arrival in our lives. I highly recommend that those who enjoy slow pacing and introspective media as well as found family stories give this anime a try.

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