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The New Kimetsu No Yaiba Season Is Worth The Hype

By Ighna Danyal
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Summer 2023 anime season brought back the much awaited third season of demon slayer. The art style of this anime has always been much loved and studio Ufotable continues to deliver to the standards of the animation that the series has been well-known for. Alongside its mesmerising visuals, the story gets more captivating as it moves forward. Let us explore the latest season diving into the enthralling journey that awaits.

The plot continues with our protagonists, Tanjirou and Nezuko, stepping into another journey into the swordsmith village. The village is hidden to keep it protected. The members of the demon slayer corps often visit to get their swords fixed and for much needed rest, but chaos breaks when the location of the village is compromised and it is attacked.

The swordsmith's arc comes with the closer look to various characters that had remained unexplored so far. The two hashiras that the story delves deeper into are the mist hashira, Tokito Muichirou and the love hashira Kanroji Mitsuri.

Muichirou is a seemingly simple minded character, with a rather blunt and apathetic approach to most things. He is by himself and operates on logic and seems unable to comprehend social cues. His expression remains neutral throughout, creating an air of mystery around him. On the other hand, we have Mitsuri, the love hashira who is an expressive, passionate, and cheerful person who often compliments others. She has a bright appearance and loves being around other people.

Other than that, we get a closer look at Shinazugawa Genya, who is the younger brother of the wind hashira. He and Tanjiro first met at the final selection exam, but his screen time remained minimal this arc. He is a harsh and crude individual that prefers to be alone, rejecting Tanjirou’s multiple attempts to befriend him. But we are to discover what more is there to his brazen persona.

The contrast of characters' explorations and interactions give an enjoyable momentum to the season. While there may be some small pacing concerns, they have minimal impact on the overall enjoyment and anticipation for what's to come. The engaging plot, outstanding animation, and character development make it a noteworthy addition to the franchise.

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