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Whats New! v1.04 - Characters, Activities, Tags and Genre Search

By Yasir Abbas
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“You are as Strong as your Weakest Link”

Taking this to heart and making strides for the next version of the app to start introducing major features, a jam packed release with additional work going on in the background for future releases.

I am excited to announce we’ve introduced more features with a new look with a new tab replacing profile with activities. Newly added advanced search and view by tags and genres within the search tab and also introducing a way to go and favourite your characters and more!

A quick overview of the features:

- Introducing Activities Tab: Now view what your followers are watching and get more info on what they’ve added, completed or paused in their collections.

- Go Around and Favourite Characters: Now Tapping on characters view the full description about the characters and allows you to favourite them.

- Tags: Users with an interest in Anilist tags can now search up anime and manga with more advanced searches. include multiple genres or tags and maybe combine both.

- Now with Statistics: Now View Your stats right in the activities tab to get the number of days and total chapters read. the statistics are independent and work with your local database.

- iPad Sidebar: A start of a new look for the ipad and mac users, now with a sidebar for more access and control with devices with a much higher capability. this will expand further on.

- Major Bug Fixes: Fixed many major issues with tokens and login bugs and more, we are close to a full v1.1 release. the next releases will focus on more robust features and polishing minor details and bugs within the app.

Activities Tab

A dedicated screen to various activities and competitions and other features that will focus on giving the user more personality and community. As we grow we hope to see this tab more useful in whats happening in your followings and more opportunity to experiment with community building features down the line.

A quick glance to checkout what your friends are watching.

View Statistics and expand on them with a tap on the view all button on the right. A big request from you and should expand more in future releases.

Get the latest on whats happening with your friends what are they adding and what they may have dropped, added or start watching.

Favourite Your Characters

A necessary feature for any tracker app, now go around and add your favourite characters. Tap on any anime and now you will be able to get even more details about any character with a single tap on the character cards.

Get a Full summary on the character, height, weight and maybe the bounty for your favourite one piece character. get to know what anime they have worked on as-well as manga the character may belong too separated for your respectively.

View your favourites right on your profile page. Show them to other users who can look it up on your profile.


Another important feature for many users who go around looking for great trackers online. we bring you, directly from Anilist, tags! Tags have been an important distinguishing from other trackers a tags list. love vampires, now search up vampires and get to know about other anime and mangas containing vampires.

We also brought advanced search to the search tab, now if you want to lookup via multiple tags and genres and maybe both. create your query and find manga and anime that are just for you.

iPad Sidebar

A beginning of a new look for iPad and Mac users, now with a sidebar to give users more access with quicker navigation for more advanced users. we will start bringing hot keys and better views for media for a bigger experience on the iPad.

We’ve resolved many bugs, the app is still in beta form and i apologise for users who might have experienced issues such as dataloss and login problems and more. As we are coming close to a final release with most features now done and ready and will evolve further on. These are the issues resolved: - Summary height issue blocks related and series media - Login Bug sometimes users aren’t able to login and get stuck - Token does not re-assign after it has expired - Adding an Anime or Manga was blocked for non logged in users - Other minor UI related Bugs

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