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Boku No Hero Academia

By Ighna Danyal
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Boku no hero academia is one of the mainstream modern shounen anime, whose popularity soared since its beginning. Created by Kohei Horikoshi, this action-packed anime series explores the running of superhuman society where people have different quirks.

Our protagonist, Izuku Midoriya is a young boy with a dream to be a hero even though he is from the 1 percent of the population that do not develop quirks. The story propels when he meets his idol and ends up inheriting his quirk, which gives him a chance to fulfill his dream. While this particular trope is quite saturated, Boku no hero stands out through the narrative that it tries to build through the interactions of the characters.

What distinguishes Boku no hero, is this narrative which is driven just as much through the villains as it is by the heroes, if not more. The establishment of the League of Villains under Shigaraki Tomura, the main antagonist, was a pivotal point in the story. The author had often drawn parallels between Izuku and Tomura, showing many similarities between the two characters even though their places, as the main protagonist and the main antagonist respectively, are at opposite ends.

The same parallels can be identified between other characters as well, where the two of them, even though fighting for opposite sides, seem not so different after all. This pattern ends up effective in blurring the lines that separate a hero from a villain, creating an empathetic lens through which the viewers see both sides of the story.

This format is so intriguing as it hints towards a broader social perspective for a superhuman society and the problems it can possibly bring about. It lays emphasis on the inefficiency of societal structures in providing the needed support, that leads to isolation of certain groups while others are put on a pedestal. Although delving into its implicit themes might not be everyone's preference, "Boku no Hero Academia" is certain to satisfy viewers' craving for superhero content.

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