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Discover anime for upcoming and current seasons, popular manga and more.


Add media to your phone, create an account to start sync between devices.


Create an account and start sharing your lists and media with your freinds.

Custom Lists

Order Anime into custom lists, add as many lists and set the archives as you wish.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do i need an account?

No, most featuers within the app are free to use and aren't forced to create an account. although if you want to sync your local data with other devices an account is necessary. you can look up users and follow your friendsactivity.

How do i setup an account?

The process is very easy! just login with your email and password and then setup your account name and profile picture. You can even use login with Apple as a sign up method.

What is Anime Junction Plus?

Anime Junction is a subscription based or one time payment for addtional features, such as themes, app icons, unlimited lists and much more coming to the app! The subscription helps us work on the app and maintain it going forward, although not needed it would help me work on

How can I delete my account?

we provide the ability to delete your account right from the app, just go to general settings and tap on delete account button and follow the steps afterwards.

The app is missing a lot of tracker functinalities like reviews and ratings?

We are currently in developement and we plan to add these in the near future for our customers. please support us so we can get to them quicker as i am just a single developer working on the app from designing, developing and marketing it.

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